Teton Trust Company

Teton Trust Company (“TTC”) is a state-chartered trust company based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. TTC is comprised of lawyers and trust professionals with decades of wealth planning and trust administration experience.

TTC was founded by Geoffrey Cone who is the Principal and founder of Cone Marshall Limited, an international trusts and estates planning law firm. The TTC team has over two decades of experience in establishing, migrating, and administering trusts worldwide.

TTC is part of a larger group comprised of experts in customized wealth planning, asset protection and cross-border family succession planning. We work with clients and their advisors across the globe.

With a stable and business-friendly state government, no state income taxes, progressive trust laws, strong privacy protection and an efficient judiciary experienced in trust issues, Wyoming is the premier trust jurisdiction in the U.S.

TTC is pleased to offer Directed Trusts (where the Trustee’s duty is separated from that of the Investment Manager), Private Family Trust Companies, as well as LLCs and other Corporate and Trust structures.