Pafilia Property Developers

Pafilia is the largest private real estate developer in Cyprus and a market leader for the Cyprus Investor Program which enables non-EU nationals to obtain Cyprus citizenship through a secure real estate investment.  The Program offers the most simple and efficient means of obtaining Cypriot citizenship which provides investors and their families full EU rights, including the right to live and work in any EU country within just six months.  Founded in 1977, Pafilia is owner-managed by Mr. Elias Eliades, who previously served as both the Minister of Defence and Minister of Interior for Cyprus.

Pafilia specialises in prime developments with proven appreciation, rental returns and resale potential. Our €3 billion property portfolio includes a diverse and innovative collection of properties ranging from modern houses, Mediterranean villas and apartments, to integrated leisure resorts, towers, seafront properties, private estates and rare communities, all in prime locations. While our portfolio presents diversity in types and price points, every property shares the same high standards of quality that attracts the savvy investor. Pafilia also operates a collection of subsidiary companies, services and enterprises that cover all aspects of property ownership and resident lifestyle needs.  

With offices in Cyprus, Greece, Russia, China and Vietnam, and representatives across the globe, Pafilia offers unrivalled support to clients whatever their needs and wherever they may be. With a 500-strong multicultural team Pafilia is building a company with the expertise and reach to provide excellent customer service to its international clients. Our experienced professionals are always on-hand to manage requests with confidence and care, while our transparent and professional approach combined with our highly secure process assures total peace of mind.