Raul Zambrano

Interamerican Center of Tax Administrations - CIAT (Panama)

Raul is a systems engineer and the Director of Technical Assistance and Technology, Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations (CIAT). While at CIAT, he has led multidisciplinary international teams in modernization projects in 8 countries.  As a consultant, he has participated in projects to improve, develop and evaluate information systems in more than 20 tax and customs administrations.
At the National Polytechnic School, Ecuador and the San Francisco University, Quito, he has taught on the subject of databases, information systems management, and object orientation. He has also given seminars on technology and tax administration at the school of Public Finance Administration, Caracas as well as the Externado University, Bogotá. 
He is a Member of the TFDE of Action 1 of BEPS. He has authored and edited several publications on tax administration and technology.