Paola Yaber Coronado

Judge in The Federal Administrative Court of Mexico City (Mexico)

Paola is currently a Judge for the Regional Chamber in the Federal Court of Administrative Justice at Mexico City, as well as a commissionaire in the Commission for Gender Equality in said Court..

Previously, she worked as a clerk at Mexico’s Supreme Court of Justice, and she served as Coordinator to the Offices of Justices Sergio A. Valls Hernández and Eduardo Medina Mora I., which earned her the recognition issued for ten years of service in the Federal Judiciary.

She has a Law Degree from ITAM (Instituto Tecnológico Autonomo de Mexico) and she is a Ph. D. candidate in Administration and Government of the Federal Judiciary, from the Institute of Judicial Studies, of the Superior Court of Justice of the Federal District of Mexico City, in conjunction with the Institute of Legal Research.

She has attended various workshops, courses and diplomas in subjects such as human rights, court administration, constitutional law, tax law and administrative law, among which the following stand out:

* Diploma in argumentation and legal interpretation, by  Universidad Panamericana.

* Postgraduate Course on Constitutional Justice and Jurisdictional Protection of Rights, by the University of Pisa Italy.

* Course on Tax Constitutional Principles in the Light of Spanish and Community Jurisprudence, taught by the General Foundation of the University of Salamanca, Spain.

Before entering public service, she worked in tax litigation in several recognized law firms in Mexico City.

Throughout her professional career, she has participated as a speaker in multiple conferences on human rights, tax law, evidence analysis applied to administrative matters and tax law.