Álvaro Rattinger

Merca2.0 (Mexico)

Álvaro Rattinger is one of the top branding experts, passionate about new trends in online marketing. This Mexican has a lot to talk about around new trends that move the masses, communications and social networks. General Director of Grupo de Comunicación Kätedra and CEO of Merca2.0, a leading magazine in the field of Marketing and Advertising. Rattinger is a weekly collaborator on Radiofórmula with Eduardo Ruiz-Healy; in addition to directing some of the most important Internet sites in the field such as merca20.com, informabtl.com, paredro.com and saludiario.com, the most widely read by doctors.
With a degree in Business Administration from ITAM, his training in print production, graphic design and editorial marketing was primarily developed in New York City.
He is a certified professor at foreign universities such as: University of Texas at Austin, University of San Diego and California State University San Marcos.
Being passionate about marketing, he has written 2 books: New Game, New Rules, Vanguard Marketing (Felou, 2013) and Asymmetric Marketing (Felou, 2016). An expert speaker, Álvaro Rattinger shares with the audience the new market trends, with special emphasis on marketing and consumer trends.