Alessandra Rugai Bastos

Guimarães Bastos Advogados (Brazil)

Alessandra Bastos is a Family and Succession lawyer, dealing with family legal disputes and succession planning. She is the co-founder of Guimarães Bastos Advogados, a law firm that has been successfully active since 2006. Alessandra has more than 20 years of practice in different legal areas and branches of Law, besides her specialty - Family and Successions Law -, focusing on legal technicality and on identifying solutions with her experience in international civil litigation and advisory in family and succession law issues. Alessandra also performs speeches and presentations to executive families, family offices and wealth managers (consultancy and service providers) about the development and implementation of family and succession planning. In addition, she was reporting judge at the Brazilian Bar Association (São Paulo) regarding Ethics and Discipline Court from 2007 to 2021. Nowadays, she still performs as a Member of the Brazilian Bar Association of São Paulo and is an active member of STEP LATAM/STEP INTERNACIONAL.