Fernando Elias

Winterbotham (Uruguay)

2001-present Vice President – Corporate Services and Special Projects VP. The Winterbotham Trust Company Limited, The Winterbotham Merchant Bank, Nassau, The Bahamas.

Tasks performed:

  • Based in Nassau (2001-2003), administration of international structures holding assets in excess of US$ 8 billion. 
  • Based in Uruguay (2003-present), administration of international structures devised for HNWI, implementation of fiduciary transactions, maintaining and developing long-standing client relationships, team leader with 10 subordinates.
  • Head for the operations of the local trust and fund administrator company regulated by the Central Bank of Uruguay (2015-present) establishing and administering a wide array of private, public, guaranty and investment trusts as well as open-end mutual funds.
  • Prior to joining Winterbotham he was part of Banco Galicia Cayman, Free Trade Zone back office team and Financial Analyst at Citigold, Citibank N.A., Uruguay. 

Current STEP South American Branch Treasurer.