Pedro Ramirez

Turanzas, Bravo & Ambrosi (Mexico)

Mr. Ramírez obtained his law degree from the Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City and an LLM focused on taxation from Georgetown University in Washington D.C. 

He is a founding partner of Turanzas, Bravo & Ambrosi, a tax law firm in Mexico City. During the years of professional practice, he has developed substantial expertise in the representation of ultra-high net worth individuals and multinational corporations. 

He is highly involved in estate and wealth planning. In this area, he has advised major financial institutions in the analysis and design of their solutions and products to be tax efficient in Mexico. 

He is legal tax counsel of individuals and families, and is involved in the material transactions performed through their investment structures. He has gained valuable experience in implementing tax efficient structures with trusts and other vehicles, as well as in distributing assets and the process of collapsing or liquidating structures. It is common that families represented by him include beneficiaries with tax links to different jurisdictions (e.g., US citizens residing in Europe) which entails legal challenges since the structure should be tax efficient in all jurisdictions. 

On the corporate area, he has been involved in public and private offers of securities, in Mexico and abroad, representing issuers and underwriters on Mexican tax matters. He has represented clients in debt restructurings involving the use of trusts for different ends as well as foreign funds investing in Mexico. Also, he advises banks and companies on tax effects of derivative and other financial transactions. 

He has published articles in specialized publications on legal tax matters. He has taught in graduate tax courses at Universidad Panamericana and has been speaker in several forums. He has been a branch officer of STEP’s Mexican Chapter from 2012, currently he is the chapter's Chair.