South Dakota Trust Company LLC

With currently more than $110 billion USD in assets under administration, South Dakota Trust Company LLC (SDTC) offers pure trust administration without any investment management products or services, working with whomever the client or their advisor desires regarding investments, insurance and custody. Additionally, SDTC has extensive experience administering trusts with non-financial assets, e.g., LLCs, FLPs, closely-held stock, real estate and off shore entities. As a result of South Dakota’s competitive and unique trust, asset protection, income tax, privacy and private family trust company laws, SDTC works with families all over the globe, serving as trustee, as well as, corporate and/or trust agent for family-owned private trust companies. SDTC’s affiliate company, SDTC Services of Wyoming LLC, also provides superior services for unregulated Private Family Trust Companies in Wyoming.

South Dakota is frequently chosen as a favored trust jurisdiction for international families looking to enjoy the benefits of a South Dakota sitused trust (i.e., privacy, stability, protection of property, flexible laws, Trust Protector statutes, forced heirship statutes, favorable taxes, blacklisting). SDTC’s co-founders and several of its administrators previously worked at Citibank, acquiring extensive experience in working with international clients. SDTC serves international families from over 54 countries with the following types of trusts:

  • Foreign Grantor or Non-Grantor Trusts holding offshore and U.S. entities (with U.S. and/or offshore assets)
  • NRA Dynasty Trust
  • Standby Pour-Over Dynasty Trust (receptacle from a foreign trust)
  • Foreign Law Trust – Change of Situs 
  • Pre-Immigration Trusts