Quijano & Associates

With more than 60 years of experience, through our headquarters in the Republic of Panama and with the support of our international offices, we handle the incorporation, tax-compliant structuring, administration and operation of companies, foundations, succession and estate planning structures and proper asset protection, to a worldwide-located clientele which includes law firms, banks, wealth managers, HNWIs (to mention some), while always being updated and compliant with all legal and compliance regulations in each one of the jurisdictions where we operate.

Our department is best known for its speed, efficiency and customized customer service. A true key differentiator and what truly adds value to our clients’ operations, is that we have (and our staff complies with it) a 24-hours-reply policy, which is supported in a rotation of shifts during every day and every night of the week, all year long; allowing each client to be assisted with a tailored-made solution which is always customized to his/her specific needs, in their own timeframe. As most of our clients are other professional firms, the fact of being able to reply to their clients’ enquiries in a timely manner, allows our organization to maintain successful business relationships with our clientele.

Our entities formation practice includes the constitution and administration of structures in different jurisdictions; such as Panama, British Virgin Islands, Belize, Seychelles, The Bahamas, Florida, Delaware, Hong Kong and Singapore. After the incorporation; our professionals may as well handle all post incorporation services such as (but not limited to): changes in the companies’ structures, legal opinions, tax and compliance advice, opening of bank accounts, custody services, economic substance requirements and accounting services through our own accounting company, Sterling Tax Consultants.

We are licensed to provide Trust Services in Panama and the British Virgin Islands.

Our clients are 24-hours-a-day connected to us through our portal: QA Hub, where they can self-manage their portfolio, and even complete their own substance declarations themselves.