Global Taxes

Global Taxes, founded in 2019, has rapidly transformed from a solo practitioner entity to a thriving global tax firm. With a team of over 17 full-time employees and a client base of 500, it specializes in income and estate tax matters for ultra high-net-worth global private clients connected to the United States.

The firm's expertise lies in serving clients with connections to the U.S., including family members immigrating, residing or attending higher education, or investing in U.S. real property and businesses. Its specialization has garnered recognition and trust from U.S. and non-U.S. attorneys, fiduciaries, and financial institutions.

Global Taxes sets itself apart by providing close personal and professional attention to each client. Its commitment to excellence has been acknowledged with prestigious awards, including the Citywealth 2023 Gold Award for Company of the Year Female Leadership (Boutique) and being shortlisted for the Magic Circle Awards 2022 in the category of Accountancy Firm of the Year - US.

As one of the leading global tax advisory and compliance firms in the United States, Global Taxes combines extensive expertise, vast experience, and a dedicated team to deliver exceptional services. Its success is built on a reputation for providing top-notch tax advisory and compliance services to ultra high-net-worth clients with connections to the United States.