Crestbridge Fiduciary

Crestbridge Fiduciary is a joint venture formed to capitalize on the rising status of the US as a jurisdiction of choice for international families. Formed in 2020, it offers clients the benefit of two privately owned, independent market- leading platforms: Crestbridge, with a firm of over 300 people and a footprint in eight major international finance centers and Willow Street, a well-established Wyoming-based trust and fiduciary expert.

Driven by client demand, Crestbridge Fiduciary enables families with US-based interests to access a comprehensive and highly sophisticated global platform for protecting and structuring their wealth assets. Located in Willow Street’s offices in Jackson, Wyoming, the Crestbridge Fiduciary team brings deep, diverse expertise and an uncompromising level of integrity to its high-touch relationship management. 

Crestbridge Fiduciary pairs resolute client focus with a high level of collaboration, responsiveness, and transparency. The firm is committed to being there for client families for the long term.