Raúl Serebrenik


Raul Serebrenik G. has an ample knowledge in his fields of action such as family businesses, entrepreneurial family dynasties, legacies, continuity and wealth. He is a researcher and academic in these related subjects. He has wide and practical experience in more than 27 countries in this sector. He is also a recognised columnist and conference speaker at the international level. He has developed his own model: “The Consolidation Model of Family Dynasties,” making reference to it in his various speaking engagements, as well as his publications, especially in his book “Business Dynasties.” As a result of Raul Serebrenik’s formation and preparation throughout his career, his interventions have had a positive impact on academic university, business, family offices, interest business groups, media, public and private institutional circles, as well as from the day-to-day cases as a consultant internationally. This is especially true in Latin America, where there has had a real impact both individually and on family business dynamics and their wealth, with the main purpose of maintaining continuity and longevity of businesses, family groups, and their coming generations involved in them, thereby generating knowledge and empowering through capitals Make Up Wealth, as represented by the Serebrenik Model--dynamics and important knowledge that bring about understanding and learning, as well as promoting best practices among families, businesses, and their patrimony.