Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

With a population of three million, Buenos Aires is one of the cultural capitals of South America. The city’s infrastructure, its history and culture, and an architecture that combines the past with Avant-guard designs, are an invitation to the thousands of tourists that arrive all year round.

Buenos Aires has a mild weather and many sunny days a year. You can enjoy its natural green landscape in parks, in the suburbs, or in the large Ecological Reserve, just five minutes away from the downtown district. The city boasts 48 neighborhoods for eager visitors to stroll around. Each with its own style, they feature bars, plazas, football and sports stadiums, temples, milongas or tango dance halls, and theaters. The most visited areas are Abasto, Puerto Madero, San Telmo, Recoleta, Palermo, La Boca, and the downtown avenues, such as Corrientes.

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Visas - do you need one?

Please note that as an attendee of the conference the purpose of your trip is: Tourism/Event participation

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Countries that do not need a visa to enter Argentina.

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Argentina has reopened its borders to international travelers from around the world since November 1, 2021. It is no longer required to present the sworn declaration (“declaración jurada”), to purchase COVID-19 medical assistance insurance, or to perform a COVID-19 diagnostic test to enter the Argentina.

Tourists - VAT refund on Departure

International visitors receive a direct and automatic reimbursement of the 21% value added tax (VAT) charged on accommodation in Argentina.

Separately, visitors can also claim back the VAT they pay on Argentina-manufactured products with a value of more than AR$70 pesos bought from participating retailers signed up to the Global Blue Argentina scheme. To take advantage, follow these steps:

Tax-free shopping

Foreign tourists are eligible to reclaim tax (VAT) on purchases of domestically-manufactured goods with a value over ARS $70 when made at participating outlets that belong to Global Blue Argentina. To do so you will need to keep your receipts and complete the relevant forms at customs when leaving the country. Information on where to claim the refund can be found here.

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