Dayra Berbey de Rojas

AXIOS Law & Trust (Panama)

Dayra Berbey de Rojas is an attorney and Trustee. 

In 2016 she established AXIOS Law & AXIOS Trust, a boutique law firm and licensed trust company based in Panama, where in her capacity as partner and Managing Director, she advises clients in estate planning instruments, commercial trusts and corporate law. 

Her experience in the area of estate planning comes from many years with the fiduciary services unit of the Morgan & Morgan Group and 8 years as Managing Director of Icaza Trust Corporation, a licensed trust company affiliated to the law firm of Icaza, González-Ruiz & Aleman. During this time, she also served as Executive Director of FINDEC, a trust funded by the Panamanian Government and the Interamerican Development Bank aimed at the financing of projects for the development of small enterprises in Panama. 

In addition to STEP´s Diploma in International Trust Management, (T.E.P 2003) she attended the Yale University School of Management Program for Lawyers (2006) and the Quality Management Program at the Universidad Autonoma de Mexico. 

Dayra has also served as Chair of the Panama Banking Association Committee on Trusts and as Panama´s designated Representative before the Latin American Committee on Fideicomisos (COLAFI), where she was elected Deputy Chair in October 2014 and served as Chair from October 2008 through September 2010. A founder and Chairperson of STEP, Panama Branch, and later on a member of the regional Board, she was elected to STEP´s Worldwide Council in December 2010 and to the Board of Directors in 2016.. 

STEP awarded her the Founder´s Award for Outstanding Achievement in 2010, and the specialized Mexican publication Mundo Fiduciario, selected her as Personalidad Fiduciaria de Latinoamérica in 2014. 

She has contributed to Trusts & Trustees “World Foundation Survey” and is a frequent lecturer on Estate Planning Trusts, Foundations and Commercial Trusts in Panama and abroad.