Alhambra Bank & Trust Limited

Alhambra Bank & Trust Limited (“AB&T”) is an independent private bank which provides banking and wealth management services. AB&T is dedicated to serving the needs of ultra-high net worth, non-U.S. individuals with minimum accounts of $1,000,000 USD. 

Our Approach: We offer the same breadth of service as large global banking institutions, but with greater focus and agility, catered to our clients’ unique financial concerns. We believe that by maintaining a small client-to-staff ratio we are able to provide an extraordinary level of service and create long term relationships founded on mutual trust and understanding. 

Experienced Team: With over 90 years of combined experience, our team of skilled professionals is well versed in providing timely banking and financial strategies to clients across multiple jurisdictions. 

Global Reach: While we are strategically located in the Cayman Islands, our client base branches out internationally. Our connection with a diverse and global investor base provides us with a firsthand understanding of the unique economic and geopolitical idiosyncrasies of international markets. We believe this allows us to identify global investment trends, connect the dots, and swiftly capitalize on those investment opportunities. At, AB&T, today’s financial headlines are yesterday’s news. 

AB&T draws strength from these values and principles. Over the years we’ve remained true to these ideals. We consider it a privilege to service our clients, who value the friendship, trust, white-glove service, and consistent investment performance they have received from us over the years. Client retention rate is very high, and we are able to growth through referrals from them. 

AB&T has a Category B Banking & Trust License and is regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), and services clients through its local office. To search Alhambra Bank & Trust licenses.