Francisco Nugué

Generatrust (Ecuador)

Francisco Nugué Varas is an attorney with experience focused in trust structuring, securitization, and estate planning. He is the CEO of Generatrust, a trust and securitization agent company based in Guayaquil and Quito.

Mr. Nugué has been part of the Trust Business since the enactment of the Law in Ecuador and worked for leading financial groups in the Stock Market sector.  

He wrote for national newspapers and had a weekly program on economic issues transmitted by a cable television network. Mr. Nugué was the managing partner of MMG Trust Ecuador, part of the Morgan & Morgan Group, for 15 years. In September 2018, a group of investors led by Mr. Nugué bought the company and in November 2018 changed its name to Generatrust.

He has been President of the Ecuadorian Trusts and Investment Funds Managing Companies Association since 2015.  He was Second Vice-president (2016-2018) and is current President (2018-2020) of the Latin American Committee on Fideicomisos (COLAFI) of the Latin American Bank Federation (FELABAN).

He has been a member of STEP since 2008.