Sponsor FAQ's

Plan for at least 400 attendees.

Each exhibitor will be provided with:
- a rectangular, skirted table (1.82 m x .6 m) (6ft x 2ft)
- 1 chair
- 1 branded table top sign that includes your sponsorship level as well as your logo

Set-Up: Wednesday beginning at 1pm

There is no pre-selection of table locations. We will not know the location of the tables until we are on site and have set up the exhibit area.

You may wish to enhance your space with one single sized pop-up banner, a branded table cloth or flowers.

You may display any promotional items or materials on your table, including those of subsidiary or parent companies.

You will not be able to attach a banner or any promotional material to a wall.

Please do not place a banner that takes up the entire table on your table. This may result in you blocking another table

There will be a sponsor draw so please bring something to collect business cards in (bowl etc.).

For Audio Visual Conference Services & Rentals, please contact JSAV directly:
JSAV - Hyatt Regency Mexico City
Tacho Leyva

Please fill out the following document if you require any audio visual equipment: Exhibitor form

Please note that this is a CLOSED event and is restricted to people wearing a conference name tag.

Each sponsorship package comes with a complimentary Exhibitor Pass which includes: refreshment breaks, lunches and all hospitality events.
It does not include access to the conference sessions or conference material.

Staffing is up to the discretion of the sponsor and can be staffed by any registered attendee (delegate, speaker, exhibitor staff). Talk to us if you plan to have more than one person staffing your table.

Everyone attending must REGISTER and wear a conference name tag.


Exhibitor Staff - Complimentary
To register for your complimentary exhibitor pass.
This does not include access to the conference

Exhibitor Pass - $550
To register for an additional exhibitor pass.
The number of exhibitor staffing passes per table is two.

Exhibitor Upgrade Pass - $500
To upgrade your complimentary exhibitor staffing pass to a full delegate pass.

Sponsorship Pass - Complimentary
To register for a pass that is part of your sponsorship package.
Refer to your sponsorship benefits to see what is available.

Sponsor - $800
To register for a discounted delegate pass. This must be part of your sponsorship package benefits.

Artwork specifications document: CLICK HERE

Refer to your sponsorship benefits for the exact size of your advert (full page or half page). CLICK HERE

Hyatt Regency Mexico City Hotel
Campos Elíseos # 204, Colonia Chapultepec Polanco
Delegación Miguel Hidalgo, Ciudad de México

Phone Number: + 52 55 5083 12314


If you are planning to ship materials or gift amenities to Hyatt Regency Mexico City, please consider following aspects to expedite your shipment.

Contact Person
Company name
Your complete shipping address
Your phone number
STEP LatAm Conference | Oct. 4-5, 2018


Name of the guest or Liliana Castaneda, our Convention Services Executive
STEP LatAm Conference | Oct. 4-5, 2018
Hyatt Regency Mexico City Hotel
Campos Elíseos # 204, Colonia Chapultepec Polanco
Delegación Miguel Hidalgo, Ciudad de México

Phone Number: + 52 55 5083 12314

If you are sending more than one box, please number all of them: i.e. “01 of 03”, “02 of 03”, “03 of 03”.

Note, courier companies as FeEx, DHL, UPS provide service in Mexco City.


It is very important to enclose commercial invoices, according to the number of copies requested by the courier company, with a detailed list of the items, quantities in each case, as well as the declared value. Be sure the items add up to the declared value.

Please take into consideration that customs taxes may apply in some cases, that depends on Mexican Customs. In the event this occurs, it is mandatory to pay in cash to the courier, so they can deliver the package(s), otherwise they won’t leave the box (es). You must authorize these payments, specifying the name of the person who will be charged.

Please note custom officers in Mexico are very methodical and will hold items which are not in complete order. If you are shipping amenities, gifts, etc. which will be “imported, given to your participants and then exported by each individual”, please state this on your company's letterhead. Be sure to include this in your shipping documents for customs.

When sending items with declared value, we strongly suggest you hire a customs broker who will professionally and accurately manage the process related to duty charges and clearance procedures.

Take time in advance to send material, especially if you are sending many boxes, since customs clearance can be unhurried, it is essential to know how long it will take for the courier company to deliver the material, remember deliveries are only on business days, please check this information with them.

It is very important for us to know the number of packages or boxes you will be sending, due to limited time and storage space.


We will appreciate having tracking numbers, those will help us to identify the boxes.

Local courier offices are closed on Sundays, on Saturday they open only half of the day, however they are not able to assist in all their services.

We recommend that you track your boxes once you have shipped them.

Return shipping material must be prepaid with electronic invoices. Please obtain from your chosen courier, the appropriate forms for shipping materials out of Mexico City. Hyatt Regency Mexico City is not responsible for any boxes that are not able to be shipped out due to insufficient paperwork.

Hotel Booking.

Reserve your hotel room early. We have a limited number of rooms available at a special room rate.